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The Latest News for Georgia's Family Child Care Providers

Become a PFCCAG Featured Provider!

Show off your home to help potential family child care providers learn what it's all about!

PFCCAG is seeking FCC providers like you that want to be “Featured Providers” in our Family Child Care At Home initiative (FCCAH). The FCCAH initiative is an exciting new program that will help people seeking to start a licensed FCC business, “see inside” actual FCC homes, and hear from you, the family child care business owner!

These video vignettes will be designed to represent a broad spectrum of providers, a variety of environments and help those in the process of making the decision whether or not to open their own FCC business.

Several providers will be selected to be featured in short video vignettes posted on the PFCCAG website. These video vignettes will show currently operating FCC business owners demonstrating and/or discussing questions applicants face when meeting DECAL licensing requirements, or address specific questions people exploring this career option may have.

Don’t delay! The application deadline is midnight, Friday, June 25, 2021.

This program is open only to members of PFCCAG. If you are not a member yet, join today by going here! Then apply to be one of our Featured Providers. All ethnicities and races of providers are encouraged to apply.

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