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The LAMP award is named in recognition of the efforts of Lynn Anne Manfredi-Petitt, career family child care educator and advocate, PFCCAG’s charter member, and PFCCAG first president. 

The award goes to a PFCCAG member who contributes to the vision of family child care. The LAMP recipient serves as a catalyst for change as a driver of grassroots leadership in their work, volunteer organizations, and community. Nominees are currently active family child care educators.

LAMP award criteria: Recipient of the LAMP award demonstrate:

  • ADAPTABILITY by encouraging their professional peers to take risks, think outside the box, learn, adapt, and pivot.

  • EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE to connect their team to the community.

  • INNOVATION as a changemaker and naturally questions the system which allows their team to think critically and act.

  • INSPIRATION to encourage and motivate others to explore their own ideas and create possibilities that foster connection.

  • PURPOSE to imagine the bigger purpose of actions, to get perspective, and become more intentional with time and energy.

  • RESOURCEFULNESS as naturally open-minded, inclusive and thrives on creating opportunities for collaboration.

Nominations for the 2024 LAMP award are being accepted through March 31, 2024. Use this link to download the nominations form and instructions.

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