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Practical Help Bulletins.  There is a series of “Family Child Care Learning Home Practical Help” bulletins designed to take a one topic at a time approach to exploring opening a home.  We start with a few bulletins but plan to add several more so check back from time to time. Some bulletins discuss the DECAL licensing law, regulations, and the licensing process.  


Please Note: This page does not render legal or other professional advice concerning the child care licensing law or process.  In you need this advice, please contact DECAL.

Family Child Care Learning Home Practical Help Bulletins include:

Useful Links

Tom Copeland's Taking Care of Business. Tom Copeland is widely regarded as the nation's leading expert on the business of family child care. He has a law degree and has been advising family child care business owners since 1981. He has presented hundreds of training sessions over the years and is the author of nine books on family child care. His website contains a wealth of information and resources for both new and experienced family child care business owners. 

QCC Works. Quality Care for Children (QCC) has created an extensive list of their programs, tools and resources for aspiring and existing family child care businesses. 

DECALThe Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning (DECAL) is the place all new aspiring family child care business owners need to have on their to-do list. It includes the registration link for the mandatory FCCLH licensing orientation you must attend before submitting an application for license. It also includes links to the various documents you will need to complete and file as part of your new business start-up. 

NAFCC. The National Association for Family Child Care is the nation's largest membership association devoted to family child care businesses. Since the 1980s, the organization has been working to advocate for family child care. They also provide the nation's most recognized accreditation for family child care businesses.  

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