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Ann Taylor


Ann Taylor, Director/Owner of Taylor Learning Center, LLC, brings over 37 years of workforce experience and over 25 years of banking/financial expertise to her role. Ann has been married for 35 years to Jeff Taylor and has a daughter, Jasmine. Ann's commitment to excellence extends to customer service, leadership, and relations. Her educational background includes an Associate's Degree in Business-Marketing/Management from the University of Cincinnati, where she also pursued a Bachelor's in Science.

Ann's journey with children began in 1992 at Beulah Missionary Baptist Church in Cincinnati, where she developed a passion for childcare. Upon relocating to Atlanta in 2004, she became part of Berean Christian Church's Preschool Ministry. In 2010, Ann retired from banking/finance to open the Taylor Learning Center. Licensed by the State of Georgia, the center holds a three-star rating in the Quality Rated Program and has maintained this high standard for seven years.

Ann Taylor
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