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Supplies and Equipment Needed to Combat COVID 19 in Your FCC Home

Thanks to the Gwinnett Family Child Care Association and our own Provider Healthy Operation work group, PFCCAG created a list of supplies and equipment needed by providers to combat COVID 19 in your FCC home.

The list is not quite a “shopping list” but may help you review what you need. The list is especially useful recognizing the need for equipment purchases (e.g. touchless or pedal operated sinks etc.), so you can justify these purchases to funders and for tax purposes.

We welcome your feedback about the list and problems you are experiencing finding and affording COVID 19 related supplies and equipment. The list entitled PPE and Sanitation-Disinfectant Consumable Supplies and Equipment Needed by Family Child Care Providers is HERE.


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To our family child care provider community: In the midst of this crisis, we know you are doing your best. We are trying our best too, and we appreciate your patience.

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