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The Latest News for Georgia's Family Child Care Providers

Peer Support Network Meetings in March

You can register for the next PSN meeting through GaPDS.

As always, thank you to the PFCCAG leaders who are PSN ambassadors!

Regardless of where you live in the state, all PSNs are available to anyone wishing to attend. The agendas are set by Bright From The Start, so no matter which session fits with your calendar, you will hear the same messages.

March 2

Newton- Mollie Melvin- 12:00

March 6

Camden- Gillian Butler- 9:30

Fulton- DiAnne Coggins- 10:00

Cobb- Glory Okezie- 11:00

March 8

Bibb- Brett Copeland- 9:00

Clayton- Dr. Kiki Singletary-Williams- 7:00

March 9

Whitfield- Monica Layne- 10:00

Gwinnett- Janna Rookis- 10:05

Laurens- Dee Harrell- 10:10

Dougherty- Tommie Terrell & Stacy Favors- 10:15

DeKalb- Tabitha Abney- 10:20

Columbia- Katie Tracey- 10:30

Clayton- Wande Okunoren- Meadows- 12:00

Bullock- Michelle Smith Lank- 12:05

Richmond- Brenda Burns & Yiet Knight- 6:15

March 10

Gwinnett- Lynn Nehez-10:00Montessori

DeKalb- Antionette Elliott- 6:30

March 11

Gwinnett- Gleydis Estrada-6:00en Espanol

March 18

Muskogee- Jed Tuiolosega- 10:00

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