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The Latest News for Georgia's Family Child Care Providers

Lina Lane wins DECAL's 2021 Scholar of the Year award.

A life-long learner and long-time PFCCAG member Lina Lane has been awarded a DECAL Scholars of the Year award for 2021. This new award program recognizes excellence and a dedication to continuing education and obtaining credentials. Two winners are selected, with one attending a four-year college or university and one attending a technical college.

Lina is currently enrolled at Point University and has a perfect 4.0 GPA. She received word of her selection via a phone call from DECAL Commissioner Amy Jacobs and Carrie Ashbee, the Executive Director of GEEARS.

In addition to the recognition, winners receive a cash prize for a classroom makeover.

At PFCCAG, we know the long hours it takes to successfully operate a family child care business. Lina’s dedication to her business and continuing her education has resulted in this well-deserved award. Congratulations Lina!

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