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The Latest News for Georgia's Family Child Care Providers

Federal Legislation: It Is Time to Speak Up!

PFCCAG is helping GA family child care providers and parents using family child care add their voice to calls for permanent federal child care support. The legislation, sometimes referred to as the “budget reconciliation bill” but also known as the Build Back Better Act, calls for family and child support programs to include paid family and medical leave, a permanent increase in the Child Tax Credit, increased funding for high quality child care, and funding universal Pre-k for 3 and 4 year olds.

NOTE: PFCCAG recognizes FCC providers have concerns about a Universal Pre-K initiative especially since DECAL does not include FCCLH homes in the current Pre-K program. PFCCAG is working to change DECAL’s policy. A committee consisting of two current and one former provider (Kathy Alexander, Myra-Abdus-Saboor, and Sandy Bird) is currently working on this issue. The federal proposal calls for a “mixed delivery system” which includes family child care providers. If you wish to work on this effort, you can contact the committee by e-mail at

The Build Back Better Act passed in the House but is facing opposition in the Senate and will need continued House backing to ensure maximum support for the child care provisions. The House version specifically proposes a $450 billion appropriation for child care and universal Pre-K over a 10 year period. At the end of the 10 years the National Woman’s Law center and other national advocates estimate GA will be able to serve an additional 278,000 children.

Many other benefits will occur through the child care provisions. Children will receive high quality child care; parents will be able to support their families and pay for child care at an affordable rate; and child care jobs will be created paying higher wages for current and future workers.

The focus on better job quality for early educators specifically includes family child care providers. The policy addresses the child care workforce shortage and improved working conditions by raising wages to at least a living wage, with raises reaching the equivalent for elementary educators with similar credentials and experience in the State and support for professional development.

The time to advocate for robust investment in child care is NOW. Right now, Congress is rapidly finalizing the details of the budget that will determine how much funding we have for child care and early learning. We have a very small window of time to let Congress know we need sufficient funding for child care and early learning so that:

· No family pays more than 7% of their income on child care

· Child care providers are paid a living wage

· Families can find affordable, high-quality child care no matter where they live

PFCCAG urges each family child care provider to write or call and, get parents to write or call, their Congressperson and Senators urging them to include $450 billion for child care and universal Pre-K in the final version of the Build Back Better Act.

It would be great if you let PFCCAG know you took this step! Send us an e-mail to and tell us if you or a parent contacted a Congressperson or Senator.

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