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DECAL STABLE Grant Enrollment Now Closed

The STABLE grant is administered by DECAL, and uses CARES Act funding to meet financial rescue needs of FCC homes and child care centers. The application period closed on May 15. DECAL reports that 1000 FCC providers, which is 78% of eligible providers, submitted applications. PFCCAG is pleased so many providers will receive this financial assistance.

Some providers did not apply because they did not need the money and hoped the funds would be given to providers in greater need. Other providers did not apply due to beliefs about the role of government in their life or worries about accounting for use of the funds. PFCCAG wishes there was more time to explain the accountability process. We think more providers would have chosen to apply. As best we can tell, DECAL will not reopen the application opportunity anytime soon. DECAL plans to evaluate how the funds were used before they take

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To our family child care provider community: In the midst of this crisis, we know you are doing your best. We are trying our best too, and we appreciate your patience.

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