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The Latest News for Georgia's Family Child Care Providers

PFCCAG Sends CRRSA-ARPA Recommendations to Commissioner Jacobs

PFCCAG has released a set of 5 recommendations of what DECAL should do with the $400M CRRSA & ARPA funds to support FCC providers and parents using FCC. The recommendations grew out of discussions over several months and can be found here. We are encouraging advocates to include these recommendations in any comments you offer on a stakeholder survey or any comment you submit directly to Commissioner Jacobs.

You also send your thoughts directly to Commissioner Jacobs. Her e-mail is You could use the Subject line “CRRSA-ARPA Support for Family Child Care Providers & Parents” or a title of your choosing. Please use the wording for the actual recommendations as it appears in the attached document but feel free to offer your own comments on why any or all of these recommendations should be implemented.

We have been working for this moment for many years. Now is the time for FCC Providers VOICE to be heard!

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