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The Latest News for Georgia's Family Child Care Providers

COVID related stress? Find resources here...

"In addition to its staggering impact on physical well-being and mortality, COVID-19 is also taking an unprecedented toll on our mental health. Numerous recent studies have shown global increases in the prevalence and severity of depression and anxiety as well as increases in post-traumatic stress disorder and substance abuse."

PFCCAG, through its COVID-19 Crisis Management Team, is committed to providing information to help providers, families, and children cope with pandemic related stress. Below are three resources for addressing stress and how providers can support children's social-emotional needs through the pandemic.


Webinar Recording: Guiding Providers in Supporting the Social-Emotional Needs of Young Children during the Pandemic and Other Traumatic Events

(Note, due to high demand, registration for this webinar has closed. The sponsors will post the recording here.)

CCAoA and the National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations are co-hosting a webinar. Join us on September 29, 2021, at 3 p.m. EST to learn how early childhood education and care programs are being guided to use Pyramid Model practices in addressing the needs of young children during the pandemic and other traumatic events. Our panel will discuss the impact of trauma on young children’s social-emotional health and how Child Care Resource & Referral agency leaders are making a difference in the support of programs.


QCC Works has a resource page to help providers support families suffering from traumatic stress. The resources are available for free to GA family child care providers through the QCC Provider Resource Hub.


The CDC should be your first stop for all COVID-19 related questions and information. In addition to the guidance for keeping you and your families physically healthy, there is also guidance for dealing with the mental health impacts of COVID-19. Information pages are available for all age groups, from birth to seniors. You can find the resource pages for helping families of young children here.

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