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CARES Act funding recommendations from PFCCAG

The CARES Act, as amended on 12-27-20, provides an additional $10 billion for child care financial rescue. DECAL is estimated to receive about $417 million under this Act. The PFCCAG COVID 19 FCC Crisis Management Team and the PFCCAG Board, developed recommendations to DECAL Commissioner Jacobs on how to spend this money to best help Family Child Care Learning Homes. Recommendations include:

1. Continue the STABLE grant program,

2. Establish a retention bonus program,

3. Continue and expand the essential services workforce program,

4. Fund quality-NAFCC Accreditation / Re-Accreditation fees for FCCLH providers, and

5. Fund and conduct targeted feasibility studies.

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To our family child care provider community: In the midst of this crisis, we know you are doing your best. We are trying our best too, and we appreciate your patience.

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