Dear Georgia Family Child Care Providers,

These are testing times and they are far from over.  We are used to struggles but not in this magnitude.   The child care industry has been hit hard by this pandemic.  As small business owners, family child care providers are threatened with reduced income, health challenges and maybe, possible closure.  This pandemic has caused an interruption in our lives, health and livelihood. 

PFCCAG has teamed up with all the professional and advocacy organizations in the state to help alleviate the hardships brought about by this crisis.  There is a brand new “COVID 19 Resources” tab on our site which will include information and updates.  We established a Crisis Management Team who is ready to assist family child care providers in your quest for information and support.  They will work with you through this website page, our Facebook page, and soon, in many other ways as well.

Family Child Care is an essential part in combating this crisis.  Our main priority is the safety of our members and the children they care for and ensuring their work and services can have a bright future.  We will survive.  Child care is important and it will always play an important role in the lives and future of our children.  

Stay safe,

Sandra R Ramsey


The Latest News!

94% of family child care business owners surveyed in Georgia say additional financial support will be required for them to support school age children in the 2020-2021 school year. That’s according to a recently completed survey conducted by PFCCAG. The results of the survey are published in the report, Family Child Care (FCC), COVID 19, and Care for School-Age Children in Georgia. The survey was conducted from July 11, 2020, to July 21, 2020 and includes data from 97 providers.  

The report addresses questions about possible increased demand for care as schools announce their plans for fall reopening.  It identifies requests by type and discusses provider ideas and concerns about meeting the demand for increased enrollment and programming for school-agers, particularly the provider's role in facilitating virtual classrooms and home school activities.  

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• Develop and/or support local associations and partners dedicated to improving the quality of child care for all children in Georgia.

• Offer family child care provider incentives, benefits and on-going training for professional development, Quality Rating (QR), NAFCC Accreditation and college level credentials in ECE.

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I have been a member of PFCCAG for 4 years. They are best and most vocal advocate for Family Child Care Providers in the State of Georgia!

Edelina Lane

The PFCCAG has been the catalyst for the growth, quality, and professional evolution of Family Child Care in Georgia. Membership gives Providers a seat at the table to be seen, heard, recognized, and respected. This is how we stand, move, and excel as a united force for Family Child Care in Georgia.

Joe Perreault

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To our family child care provider community: In the midst of this crisis, we know you are doing your best. We are trying our best too, and we appreciate your patience.

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