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Francine Kravitz

Board Member

Francine Kravitz, born in Passaic, N.J, worked for the local recreation department at an early age from teaching gymnastics to art. A natural, Francine won awards for working with older children. Until she was nine year old, Francine traveled with her father, a circus performer. In 1972, Francine moved to South Florida to live with her great uncle.

She worked for the YM-YWHA of Greater Miami operating the summer girls sports camp. Later, Francine moved to Minnesota where she worked for two years with the youth ice hockey teams in the winter and taught archery in the summer.

Moving to South Florida, Francine taught gymnastics at the Jewish Community Center of North Miami and operated the girls sports camp. Later, Francine moved to the Palm Beaches as their physical education director while also teaching at The Jewish Day School of the Palm Beaches. In 1984, Francine became a mother and like many family child care providers, engaged in the field of early childhood, working in a center and caring for children at night and on weekends.

The force of Hurricane Andrew moved Francine to Virginia to be closer to her brother. An experienced ECE worker, Francine accepted a job in a center where she observed sub-standard childcare. She felt she could do better and was discovered by a state board member and later served on the Virginia State Board for near nine years. When Francine’s daughter went to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and two of her childcare children moved to Georgia, Francine moved to Georgia! Today those children are age 21 and 23. Francine is a charter member of PFCCAG where she served as secretary for five years.

Francine Kravitz
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