*Where is PFCCAG heading in the next 3 years?

*We will address key topics that have been brought to our attention by Family Child Care Providers.

1. Build the reputation and community respect for the qualities and unique capabilities of Family Child Care Learning Homes among families, potential customers, organizations such as Bright from the Start (BFTS) and Early Child Care Education (ECCE) the community.


2. Effectively represent the needs of family child care providers and ensure their “collective voices” are being heard within the ECCE community and across state agencies.


3. Close the perceived operational and strategic gaps between Family Child Care and BFTS.


4. Ensure providers as receiving equal pay for quality care through the GACAPS program.


5. Reduce the annual fee for family child care or migrate the group into a separate category than group homes and centers, who have the potential to earn more revenue.


6. Obtain affordable group health insurance.


7. Obtain affordable group liability insurance for FCCLHs.


8. Provide mini grants to PFCCAG members as a benefit of the 501c3 status.


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