Working for You!



The purpose of the Public Policy Committee is to serve as a strong voice for the needs and concerns of Family Child Care Learning Homes (FCCLHs) in GA.  The committee works with the board to determine priorities.  To that end, the Committee is chartered to research issues, document problems facing providers, survey providers to determine their concerns (as well as seek their ideas for addressing those concerns), monitor DECAL and other state/federal agencies to evaluate policies and programs which effect providers, propose strategies to bring about needed change, and inform members regarding the means and ways they can influence public policy. 

Areas of Focus

  1. DECAL Oversight and Services to FCCLH

  2. Family Child Care Business Skills and Supports

  3. Actions to Reverse the Decline in the Number of Family Child Care Learning Homes

  4. Local Government &-Property Owner Barriers to Operation (FCC Marathon Project)

  5. Federal to State Programs

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