Public Policy Committee Report

July 2021


Submitted by Joe Perreault, Public Policy Chair


American Rescue Plan Child Care Funds

DECAL has not yet developed a plan for use of the $1.5 Billion it received through the ARP Act.  But actions are proceeding to prepare for this important opportunity.  The federal Office if Child Care issued guidance on use of ARP “Supplemental” funds and ARP “Discretionary” funds, PFCCAG and other advocacy groups are studying the guidance to see what the purpose and allowable uses of the funds are.  Three advocacy groups PFCCAG works with, already submitted comments/recommendations to DECAL.  They are GEEARS Infant-Toddler Affordability Coalition Affordability Committee, the Emergency Child Care Roundtable, and Quality Care for Children.  PFCCAG had input to all three.  At the same time, PFCCAG needs to develop its own position paper.  We had a preliminary discussion of this topic at the PFCCAG COVID 19 Crisis Management Team meeting on June 24 but we have a lot more work to do to present a comprehensive statement.  Hopefully, we will have a draft for board review at the end of July.


Child Care NEXT Grant Application through GEEARS

The Alliance for Early Success (consortium of foundations) established a grant process where statewide organization in 5 states could receive $ 200 K per year for up to 10 years to develop a bold plan to transform the child care system in their state.  GEEARS and members of the Emergency Child Care Roundtable met several times to discuss a plan for applying for the grant.  PFCCAG has agreed that, if funded, PFCCAG will be one of eight organizations on the State Team to oversee the implementation of the grant.  The process has now progressed so there are now only 16 states being considered and each will be interviewed by Alliance Staff.  Georgia’s turn is 7-14-21.


Emergency Child Care Roundtable

Roundtable members coordinated with Morehouse School of Medicine on a survey of child care workers concerning information needs related to the COVID 19 vaccine.  Plan an educational webinar entitled “A CONVERSATION ABOUT THE COVID-19 VACCINE SPECIAL EDITION FOR THE CHILD CARE WORKFORCE” has been announced for Saturday July 17, at 10 AM.


Roundtable has discussed need for health insurance for FCC providers and child care workers.  A subcommittee, including Joe Perreault, met with an approved “Navigator” with expertise in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) aka Obama Care on 5-7-21.  We are now working with the navigator to do a statewide webinar on eligibility and sign-up process for AFC.


DECAL Community Transformation Grant Opportunities

We worked with Greenbriar Children’s Center in Chatham County during their application process.  Greenbriar notified us they have been awarded a grant.  PFCCAG’s role for this project will be modest and involve publicizing the project to FCC providers in Chatham County.